Product Certification

Kinetics Tactile Indicators comply with the high standards imposed by the Land Transport Authority (LTA) of the Government of Singapore.

Our Homogeneous Unglazed ceramic tactile tile complies with Singapore standards for ceramic floor and wall tile SS 301 spec.

As a turn-key services provider , not only do we ensure that all appropriate standards are adhered to , we also assist the architects and designers to take care of the aesthetics. Our turn around time is fast and reliable . We work with and partner with our clients to solve all their tactile indicator needs .

Our products bear the approval mark of PSB Corporation.

Stainless Steel Tactile Ground Indicators

  • Comply with the British Standard for Stainless steel BS EN10088-1 or SUS 316 grade .
  • Achieved Luminous Contrast test of min 30% requirement.
  • Achieved the Wet Pendulum test SS 485:2001 spec. for Anti-slip resistance requirement.
  • Achieved the Pull out test spec.
  • Undergo Salt spray test.

Additionally, as a mark of our commitment to quality, our products are tested, certified and approved in accordance with:

  • SS 485: 2001 Specifications for Slip Resistance Classification of Public Pedestrian Surface Materials

      Our products are bear the PSB Test Mark