Tactile Indicators

Kinetics Tactile Guidance System

The tactile guidance system is a route within the transportation network such as the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) stations or pedestrian walkways to assist people with vision impairment to move around the MRT station or walkway with ease, confidence and safety.

It consists of Decision and Direction floor tiles.

It comes in 2 shapes – circular stud pattern and elongated strip pattern.

Circular studs are decision studs. They indicate a potential hazard or change of direction or location of amenities.

Tactile Indicators - Circular Stud Type

Tactile Indicators - Circular Stud Type

Elongated strips on the other hand indicate the direction of travel to the visually impaired.

Tactile Indicators - Elongated Stud Type

Tactile Indicators - Elongated Stud Type

Tactile indicators are also available in 2 types of materials – ceramic tiles (homogenious unglazed ceramic tactile tiles) and stainless steel studs or strips.

Cement Tactile Indicators

Ceramic Tactile Indicators

Ceramic tiles are commonly used by the road authorities on pedestrian walkways, bus stops, car park crossing, ramps etc.

The stainless steel studs or strips are commonly used indoors. Due to its high quality finish, luminance and aesthetic appeal, many architects prefer the use of stainless steel studs/strips for indoor applications.