Ceramic Tactile Indicators

Ceramic tiles lined with tactile indicators are commonly used by the road authorities on pedestrian walkways, bus stops, car park crossing, ramps, etc.

Homogeneous unglazed ceramic tactile tiles when installed on the pedestrian surface, assist in providing a safer environment for the blind and vision impaired.

Felt by foot or by walking stick, they alert the vision impaired by signalling to them that there will be a potential hazard or change in direction ahead. Commonly installed areas include walkway, ramp, footpath or landing.

Tactile routes can be split into 2 distinct types: DECISION and DIRECTIONAL.


The circular ‘stud’ pattern indicates a potential hazard or change of direction or location of amenities.

Our tiles are available in these colours:

Black Stud Ceramic Tactile Tile

Black Stud
Yellow Stud Ceramic Tactile Tile

Yellow Stud
White Stud Ceramic Tactile Tile

White Stud


The elongated ‘strip’ pattern indicates the direction of travel to be taken.

They are available in these colours:

Black Strip Ceramic Tactile Tile

Black Strip
Yellow Strip Ceramic Tactile Tile

Yellow Strip
White Strip Ceramic Tactile Tile

White Strip
Green Strip Ceramic Tactile Tile

Green Strip

Both Decision and Directional ceramic tiles are measured 300 x 300 x 15mm.

Our ceramic tactile indicators have been approved for use by the Land Transport Authority (LTA) in Singapore. The tactile indicators are manufactured under strict supervision and control, tested and approved by PSB Corporation.